We know that keeping good accounting records help our business a lot. On the other hand, messy records can be a obstruction like an untidy office or messay desk with piles of papers towering on it. Things do not work efficiently. Everything from finding out how much you already paid to your supplier A to how much you already have been paid for the project from client B take time. Some time, you give a wrong answer to your client to lose your trust.

We may tend to have an image of accounting records as old fashioned paper ledgers with all invoices and receipts attached. No, no. We are living in a computer age where everything is fast and accurate. Finding the balance payable to supplier A takes only a few clicks. Finding out how much is payable by this month end takes only a 10 seconds. Good accouting records work like a nerve center of your business. Accounting records can become very useful in day-to-day business.

You only have to take a phot of receipts and send by iPhone app. We will make accounting entries to our cloud accounting system. You will be able to see all your accounting data online. That inludes those photos. You will be able to see not only the numbers but also a photo image that you took with the app.

I am a Japanese CPA but I have to admit that I was not good at keeping my accounting records. If you are busy with client matters, you will push your own admin work aside, to work later when you have time. But it rarely comes, at least to me, until the end of a fiscal year when there is a deadline for tax filing.

When my accounting practice grew, I decided to hire somebody to do my accounting work, and it worked like a magic. It was a good surprise to me. My accounting records became very organized and it became available not only to me but to other people in the office. People now could ask her about the balance of accounting receivable from client A that he is in charge or how much sales she made for particular months to calculate their bonus.

Our pricing for this service is 8,000 yen up to 100 receipts per month, and 2,000 yen additionally per next 100 receipts.

Please download the app here.

But actually, this may not be enough for you. You may want to ask somebody human being over the phone about how mush you owe to the vendor A or how much you already paid to your staff Mr. B. Because we are not a pure IT company, but an accounting service firm, we are available for verbal communication.

You can download your data any time�iCSV format�j�B

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