Good accounting records are paramount for good management.
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We minimize your corporate and consumption tax with effective accounting.

We listen carefully to better understand your business model and future prospects in order to minimize your tax. Tax may not be your first priority but saving to minimize tax is always good for the cashflow of any business.  

We will explain what options are available for your tax and share the pros and cons of each option to customize the best tax strategy for you

You may have experience d being told that you have unexpected tax to pay. We take care of withholding tax and other tax liabilities that may otherwise come as a surprise. We can prepare tax treaty documents and an array of tailored methods to reduce the shock .   

Organized bookkeeping

Maintaining good accounting recor ds may not be appreciated properly in day-to-day operations but it is essential for running a business in an organized manner. 

Well organized financial records are the base for budgeting and checking results (PDCA). 

So let us take care of your books, so you can focus on running the company.

We know that if your books are messy, you will have a lot of trouble later on.

It’s easy to think that books are made only for tax audits, but they are actually very useful in daily work. For example, if the books are clean, you can easily find out how much accounts receivable remain for any customer, at any given time.

You can also see the amount of salary paid to Mr. B two months ago, even if it was a one-time payment. When and how much did you pay to Mrs. C, and how much do you still owe ? You can easily find out.

When we say book, we think of a thick, bound, bundle of paper, but now it’s the age of computers. Searching for data is much easier. A lot of information is packed in a well-organized book. There is no doubt that it will be convenient if its more than just a historical record, something that can be used efficiently and effectively in daily activities.


Simply take a photo of your receipt and upload it with the iPhone app. The photo is automatically saved in Google Drive and then we use Google Vision AI to automatically journal the entry. Our staff can check and amend the accounting journal to ensure everything is entered correctly, even the consumption tax data.

In addition, customers can check the entered accounting data online at any time.

Up to 100 receipts: 8,000 yen.

Each receipt over 100: 20 yen.