Office Overview

Established in 2003 (as Minato International Accounting Office) to support the growing number of
foreign businesses wanting to establish themselves in Japan.

We provide our professional tax and accounting services to corporate and individual clients mainly in English and Japanese,
but we also work with many Korean and Chinese speaking clients too.

As of 2021, we are 14 team members strong, including 2 tax accountants, 1 certified public accountant, and 1 US certified public accountant,
supported by a highly trained, multinational, multilingual team.

Our Mission

Accounting Intelligence supports foreign SMEs with all the accounting practices necessary for running a successful and compliant company in Japan.  Our goal is not only to make sure your books are well-kept, and your taxes are filed, but to lower the amount of tax you have to pay. And its not just companies we assist, we also help individuals filing their personal tax returns and deal with inheritance and gift tax.


As the name implies, we do it with accounting intelligence! Since our doors first opened in 2003, we have been on the pulse of the latest accounting practices and requirements. We’re also well-versed in many modern, online, accounting platforms, so we can easily integrate and share accounting information. We are experienced working in many different industries, from cosmetics to video games, electronics to education. Furthermore, an experienced, multinational team makes communication easy and quick.


We want to open Japan up to innovative entrepreneurs and established corporations alike. We believe that Japan truly benefits from international connection, and the services we provide in turn makes Japan a better place to live.  

CEO Biography - Ichiro Kawai

Accounting Intelligence
(Previously Minato International Account Office)
October 2003 – present
Bilingual tax and accounting service/consultations to SMEs

The Moneo Company, K.K.
2005 – present

NikkoCiti Group
July 1999 – September 2003
Internal Audit Department

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Junior Staff
October 1997 – July 1999
Audit international business organizations

Graduated from Faculty of Business Administration,

Yokohama National University

One year exchange program (AFS) in Sao Paulo, Brazil